Nirvana Ruined Everything. You know it’s true.

One minute we were rockin’ out, headbanging to the very best that heavy metal had to offer, not taking anything too seriously. We were having a laugh and scaring little old ladies with our black skull T-shirts.

And then along comes Nirvana. Suddenly heavy metal becomes stressed, depressed and very badly dressed. No more spandex, no more spectacular shreds, no more fireworks. Just flannelette shirts and a suicide wish. Smells Like Teen Spirit was the beginning of the end for old style heavy metal.

And we miss it, dammit. Those were the days. Mullets, acid wash demin jackets, leather, fifteen minute guitar solos. THAT was music, people. And this blog is here to make sure the spirit is kept alive!


Note to Nirvana fans. I’ve heard all of your abuse. Rest assured, I shall go and fuck myself at every opportunity. Thanks so much for caring.


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