I Want Out – Helloween

Cue flying watermelon: “And so?”

This is a strange hotch-potch of a video featuring warehouses, deserts and endless trips down Michael Kiske’s throat. The emphasis is on humour combined with kick-ass guitar solos but it’s hard to ignore those ridiculously tight jeans. That and Kiske’s lovely flicked hair.

German band Helloween formed in the mid 80s and are considered to be one of the pioneers of power metal. I Want Out was a successful single from 1988’sKeeper of the Seven Keys Part II and did well commercially thanks to heavy rotation of the video on MTV. It marks the high point of Helloween’s success. Writer and guitarist Kai Hansen has said in an interview that “I Want Out” was indicative of his personal position at that time; he left the band not long after.

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