Welcome To My Nightmare – Alice Cooper

Replete in top hat, scary black eyeliner and Dracula cape, Alice Cooper welcomes us to his nightmare. And what a freaky dreamscape it is. Never mind that this heavy metal classic sounds a little like lounge music to today’s sensibilities, scarier things are afoot. For a start there’s a bunch of weird masked dancers gyrating around his bed, including a woman wearing a phallic snake hat. Then Vincent Price sneaks up from nowhere and tries to grab Alice from behind. Finally, our hero’s head explodes like shattered glass. I don’t know about you, but the little 1975 kid in me is hiding behind the couch at this point.

Welcome To My Nightmare was the first track on Alice Cooper’s 1975 concept album of the same name. It charts a journey through the nightmares of a child called Steven and features narration by horror film star Vincent Price. The album was the first solo effort from Alice Cooper after the breakup of the Alice Cooper band.

The song only reached #45 on the US charts but the album went on to become a best seller.

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