The Prisoner (Live) – Iron Maiden

“We want information…”

Look at that studded vambrance on Bruce Dickinson. Just look at it. It’s so lethal, so completely badass, so pure heavy metal that it’s mesmerising. And look at all that spandex, worn in an exceptionally manly way by Bruce and Steve, legs up on the speakers and all. The lights are bright, the music’s loud and the hair is… getting longer. Bruce has only just joined the band but he already owns the stage.

The Prisoner is from Iron Maiden’s classic third album The Number of the Beast which went to # 1 in the UK in 1982. The song title and lyrics are based on the TV series of the same name and the opening voiceover is taken from the show. According to Wikipedia:

Rod Smallwood had to telephone Patrick McGoohan to ask permission to use the dialogue for the song. According to witnesses the usually calm Smallwood was completely star struck during the conversation. McGoohan was reported to have said “What did you say the name was? Iron Maiden? Do it.”

Unfortunately EMI music is not allowing embedding of official Iron Maiden videos which is a shame as I’d love to feature more of Maiden on this blog.

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