Sleeping My Day Away – D.A.D

This is a great song that’s made even better by the video featuring Stig Pedersen’s exploding fireworks helmet and, of course, his 2-string bass guitar. In the 80s Stig realised he only played the A and E strings on his bass and thus decided to create his own guitars, all of which have only one or two strings.

The video also features some fantastic cartoon versions of the band members.

D-A-D are from Denmark and formed in the early 80s. Their original name was Disneyland After Dark but a lawsuit from the Disney Corporation meant they opted for an abbreviation. They’ve also changed their punctuation over time, going from D.A.D. to D:A:D to the current D-A-D. The band have long been known for not taking things too seriously and their humour is a trademark on this song.

They signed with Warner in 1989 and released No Fuel Left For The Pilgrims but their success in the US wasn’t as big as expected. They’re still huge in Europe and have released 10 albums in all. If you’ve never heard of them I suggest you give them a try; the album rocks and there isn’t a single bad song on it.

The official D-A-D site.
No Fuel Left For The Pilgrims CD from Amazon