Live Wire – Motley Crue (Live)

So much to love here. Beyond the oh-so-tight spandex pants, heels and torn shirts, there’s the disturbing obviousness of their make up. The guys hadn’t yet learned to blend their foundation quite as well as they should.

Live Wire was the first song on Motley Crue’s first album Too Fast For Love.

The Us Festival was a short-lived event created by Steve Wozniak, one of the founders of Apple Computers. Despite the attendance of thousands, the festivals were commercial failures.

Motley Crue’s performance on May 29, 1983 was part of Heavy Metal Day which set a single concert attendance record of 375,000. They appeared alongside Quiet Riot, Ozzy Osbourne, Judas Priest and Van Halen. Vince Neil reportedly said: “It was the day new wave died and rock n’ roll took over.”

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